How America Becomes Great Again…

Posted a year ago…

For most of my lifetime I considered my country a great nation. The greatest really. It’s achievements are unprecedented.

In politics, our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are a cornerstone to modern-day democracy.

In science we have landed men on the moon and returned them safely. In medicine we have developed vaccines for polio, yellow fever and Hepatitis B. Continue reading “How America Becomes Great Again…”

United States?

 A fight is usually the result of opposing forces trying to enforce their respective will. In the United States, we seem to be having a lot of that lately.

We are anything but united.

Our government has become a forum of disagreement rather than progress, where hate is replacing debate, vitriol replacing decorum, and idiology replacing patriotism. Continue reading “United States?”

A Personal Appeal…


Dear Reader,

First let me tell you how much I appreciate your dropping in to read what I write. I know it’s getting to be a cliche, but I am humbled by your readership.

The fact that people from China, India, England and Kenya (to name a few) have come here just blows my mind. God gets all the Glory because after all, it was his idea.

Now I’m going to ask for yours. I would like for you to send me any topic you would like me to cover within the theme of the site, Faith-Politics-Christian Living, etc…

If you twist my arm, I might consider SEC football and it’s dominance of the NCAA. (Can’t wait for the mail on that).

Just go to the contact page and send me an email. Your address is safe from marketers or the public in general.

Thanks for your response in advance.



Can Trump Weather The Storm?


No President since Abraham Lincoln has taken office in a more devisive climate. From day one Donald Trump and his administration have been vilified by a biased media, delayed by the minority’s party, and betrayed by an embedded bureaucracy.

Continue reading “Can Trump Weather The Storm?”

Trump’s Transformation Plays Like Hollywood

Politics has become interesting. Hollywood would be hard pressed to write a better script.  Although not featured at your local Theater, the divide in this country is real drama played out at varied venues.

Social Media is ablaze with political dialogue fueled with threats and ad hominem. College campuses are literally on fire with chaotic protests while women march in biological fashion. There is much to see before turning on CSPAN or Political Punditry. Continue reading “Trump’s Transformation Plays Like Hollywood”

Trump’s Travel Ban and The Bible

Much has been said about President Trumps travel ban. In fact, much has been said about his entire immigration policy.

Rhetoric has become visceral. “Fascist!”, “rascist!”,”religious persecution!”are ¬†accusations levied toward the administration. But the policy was popular during Trump’s campaign and a main reason he was elected.

As with most current political issues, there is division in our country. Trump’s detractors think the ban is not who we are. It will make America less safe. They cite history, American values and the Bible. Continue reading “Trump’s Travel Ban and The Bible”

The Republic Is Dying…

img_0006Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1787

As Benjamin Franklin emerged from Independence Hall after the conclusion of The Continental Convention, a Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked him, “Well Doctor, what have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy?” Without hesitation, Franklin responded, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Continue reading “The Republic Is Dying…”