Adoption: A Christian Principle

Here lately I have been learning about foster kids. Children who the community places into a system which is intended for their good but too often is not. As a Christian, the Bible instructs me in the Old Testament and the New to cherish and care for the disenfranchised. God is quite clear about this, … Continue reading Adoption: A Christian Principle

Fun Fact #5 – THE EASY ROAD

Originally posted on America DeFleur:
Fun Fact #5 – They take the easy road A close friend of mine once said, “There are two paths to life – The easy one and the hard one, and more than likely if it’s easy then that probably means it isn’t the right choice.” It’s something I’ll never forget…

Children in Foster Care: When Kindness Becomes Love

  Too often, we try to minister to people based on our own experiences. It’s difficult to help people in areas where we’re unfamiliar. As the video indicates, many who are reading this post have not experienced what these kids deal with in the system. They may have some understanding of what God says about … Continue reading Children in Foster Care: When Kindness Becomes Love