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Fun Fact #2 – LONLINESS — Erica DeCima

2. In foster care, you spend A Lot of time alone. Well Hello, there old friend, Your back. Why? I thought I rid myself of you long ago. I thought when we partied ways things were going to be different, I had hope for a future that I wasn’t sure existed but I fought hard […] via Fun Fact #2 – LONLINESS — Erica DeCima

Fun Fact #1 -SCARED — Erica DeCima

1. Foster children typically have a tough time keeping people close. This new house is empty and cold, It has this eerie quietness to it, A complete and utter silence during the day… then when night rolls around it all seems to come to life. The refrigerator seemingly breathing sounds from the kitchen and into […] via Fun Fact #1 -SCARED — Erica DeCima