Working With a Surplus

Ever wonder how to get more than enough? I’m talking about a surplus in the blessings department. When you can proclaim boldly like the psalmist David, “my cup runs over” (Psalm 23). Well, in my experience in prayer and faith, it happens when my focus shifts off myself and on to the needs of the … Continue reading Working With a Surplus

Fun Fact #10 – Foster Children Lack Confidence

Originally posted on America DeFleur:
? Fun Fact #10 – Foster Children Lack Confidence I must have heard it a thousand times growing up the way I did, “You’ll never amount to anything” “You’re going to be alone for the rest of your life” “NO ONE will love you” I still remember the look on…

What’s in a Name?

  Any Christian of the Protestant stripe understands the frequent use of Jesus’ name. My Christian walk includes what many call Pentecostal, a fundamental organization which is known to use “in the name of…” frequently. You could say much of my practices in faith include using the phrase. I was taught early on to pray … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Chasing After God

I am here Lord, looking for you. I’m not much if you compare, my accomplishments go unnoticed – my talents few. But I have you, and most important you have me. This synergy can do great things in the lives of a few. No fanfare – no crowds cheering – just a few lives changed, … Continue reading Chasing After God