Finding Your Inspiration to Write

Writers need inspiration. Unfortunately, inspiration is not always available. The biggest fear for every writer is starting the day with nothing to write. No idea – not a one. Another is having plenty of ideas to choose from, with none of them sparking the imagination.. Whatever you write, you must be inspired to produce good … Continue reading Finding Your Inspiration to Write

Lessons I Can Learn from an Issue

I’ve been thinking about creativity this morning. About how to trigger the artist inside me to write compelling projects which will interest my readers. As I muddle about with the many projects in my queue, I focus more on my struggle to write clearly and less about what I can offer my readers. In this … Continue reading Lessons I Can Learn from an Issue

How to Become a Productive Writer

How to Become a Productive Writer Writing is hard. Getting paid to write is harder. Don’t let anyone fool you, to make a living at putting pen to paper (or is it fingers to keyboard), you need to work at your craft. This means you write every day whether someone pays you for it or … Continue reading How to Become a Productive Writer

Is Your Writing Readable

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, your readers must understand what you write. Okay, this may sound way too simple but communicating complex plots or topics can be a challenge. When your writing about topics you understand to an audience who is oblivious to your subject matter, this can be hard.  Good copy involves good … Continue reading Is Your Writing Readable

Fun Fact #11 Teens In Foster Care & Attachments

Originally posted on America DeFleur:
Fun Fact #11: Foster children have a difficult time with attachments and.. basically everything in between. I’m mid-twenties and I’m still trying to figure life out, especially when it comes to forming friendships and developing bonds, I’m just not good at them, and for the VERY few people that I somehow manage…