Three Goals for this Blog…


What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Zig Ziglar

Okay readers, I’m going to let you in on a personal ambition of mine–actually three. Three things I’ll be working toward for the remainder of 2017.  For reasons that will become clear, I’m calling these goals The 500/500/500 Vision.

By December 31st, I want this site to achieve the following:

1. An average of 500 visits per day. 

This is ambitious. At present, I am averaging 35, so I must generate 14 times the daily visits by year end. So, how do I plan to accomplish this magnanimous feat? Become a better marketer for one.

I have already started extensive research into social media marketing and search engine optimization. I have some knowledge, but I plan to be an expert by mid-April, and continue the education each week.

2. 500 followers

Again, ambitious because there are only 32 current followers. I need to kick up my game  and average 50 additional followers per month. This will come down to my writing and my marketing. Both will need mass improvement.

3. $500 per month passive income.

This goal will motivate me to put out the best blog possible. Also, it will allow me to invest in better technology, themes, and media content.

How will I do this?

Achieving these goals will not be easy, and I will need to work hard and have some help along the way.

In his book, The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson stated to achieve the impossible, we must pray as the outcome is 100% dependent on God, and work as it’s 100% dependent on us.

This will be the essence of my plan.  Prayer, hard work, and extensive research on how to operate a successful blog. With the Lord’s help, I will see it accomplished by year’s end.






  1. Congrats on exceeding your goals! I just started my blog in March and my goals are similar to yours, however, my main goal is to meet other bloggers and freely express myself.

    Are you currently taking courses here on WordPress? If so, how has that helped you reach your goals?

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      • Oh ok! Yeah I hear ya, I’ve been blogging for almost 3 months now and I just try not to look at my site stats too much or I’ll just quit lol.

        Well I’ll definitely keep up with your blog! I like it! I’ve just started the WordPress University courses and I’m actually working on day one as we speak.

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  2. Wow…ambitious goals, I’m impressed! Props to you for daring to try, that’s what’s always held me back 🙂
    Also, I like your image for this post. (I’m such a stickler for the rule of thirds and the placement of the hiker is perfect…)


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