Prayer Is More Than Asking; It’s Standing In The Gap

Church on any given Sunday can be extraordinary. It was for my wife and I yesterday. It wasn’t the worship, that’s always great. It wasn’t the message, again – ditto. What was extraordinary for us was not what happened during service, but rather afterwards.

My wife, Wendie and I serve on the Prayer Team.  We look forward to our assigned Sunday as it is always awesome to participate when God helps people. Our team’s function, among others, is to pray with those that require God’s intervention. After service, people come to the front of the auditorium seeking prayer. Some weeks are busier than others. This Sunday was exceptional.

Now before I get started, this testimony is to give glory to God. My wife and I feel fortunate that we were included. We were not included because we’re special, but rather for our own spiritual growth! It is through experiences like this, Christians are developed.

After taking our station, a young man along with his family came before us. His father told us he was suffering with back pain. I can’t tell you if his being there was his idea or not, just his enthusiasm was not at a high level. I asked where was the pain and he showed me. Then I did something that surprised me. I said God was going to heal him. Right then and there! Not tomorrow or an hour later, but right now!

The words just came from my lips. I did not intend to say that, I just did. I went to pray for him and all of a sudden I’m impersonating Todd White. As I started my prayer I could feel God’s love move through me like a current. It was peaceful, loving and warm. I prayed briefly because I anticipated results. I asked him how he felt.  “Fine,” he answered.”Any  Pain?”  “No,” he relied. “What do you feel?” I asked. “Warmth.”

To say we were fired up would be an understatement. When you are present when God heals, how can you not be!

After the young man and his family left, a Church Elder asked for prayer. His shoulder had been bothering him for three days and he came for relief. If the young man’s faith before him was lacking, this elder’s  was not. During prayer he became excited.  He started working that shoulder. He threw uppercuts and jabs like a prize fighter. He worshiped God…loud…while praising Him.

As our excitement level was elevated, I noticed the entire front area had similar occurrences. People were being touched at every station. God was on the move in a mighty way.

Now this was more than just an experience, it was a lesson. When we pray for one another, we are not only asking God for results, we are standing in the gap between a need and God’s  provision. We are a conduit between the Power and the request. We are standing with faith when faith is required. We are standing with peace, when peace is required.  We are standing with love when love is required.

When Peter and John met the cripple at the gate Beautiful, the man was not looking for healing, but money. Peter and John had no money; what they had was faith. Their faith was the bridge that brought healing from Heaven’s Grace. It brought this beggar the answer he desperately needed yet failed to ask. His response was worship, loud worship.

Intercessory Prayer is not just asking, it is standing in the gap with what is required. We are the connection between God’s Kingdom on earth to what it is in Heaven.

Tony Evans calls it a current. A Distribution Center distributing God’s gifts to the needs of the needy.

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