Words, Part 2…

Today we continue our series on Words.

Yesterday in Words that encourage myself, I shared three verses of scripture that encourage me. The Bible is filled with many others, a quick Google search will give you dozens. I also shared the most encouraging words are not straight out of the Bible, but rather spoken from the mouth of a friend.

Today I want to cover being that friend.

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Words are important. What we say to one another (and how we say it) can have a lasting effect.

Think of the last time you had an argument with someone you cared about. The wrong thing was said and then…BAM! relationship took a downward turn and extended repair was required. Or the time that same person spoke words that provided comfort and hope. Think of the warmth and endearing affection that followed. Continue reading “Words…”

Baffling Belief

I love this. Thanks Lady Jay…

A Necessary Pain

Not the conditional, good time, sunny day faith, but the broken, gaping deficit, sickly, challenging to the very core type. That faith that prompts growth in areas you once prided yourself on being strong in. Only to find that under pressure, the fortitude of your faith resembled an ant trying to hold on to a crumb in a tornado.

The halls are painted with horror, and the lights are broken. How often, does Satan attempt to lure us into the depths of fear. Lacking solid evidence, yet the lump in your throat and the racing of your heart cosign. The wages are missed opportunities. The benefits package is regret, doubt, and anxiety. How can we possibly combat the physiological effects of the illogical?

We must begin and end with faith. Impossible situations, gaping deficits, sickbed faith, is the air that flows under the wings of the, seemingly, dreadful situations. Strengthened from the energy derived…

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We’ll take the crumbs…

It’s been rough for Jesus today. The Pharisees are at it again. Always finding fault because of traditions and ceremony. This time it was about washing up before lunch. 

Are you kidding me, they come all the way to Galilee to argue about that! It’s about the heart not hygiene. Get with the  program guys, we’re about eternity and we’ve got bigger fish to fry than your legalism.  Between this and the pressing crowds, I’m exhausted. Continue reading “We’ll take the crumbs…”

Why I Write Where I Pray…

I have a ritual in the morning. I stagger out of bed straight to the coffee pot. After years of repetition, making  coffee is the only thing I can accomplish at 5:00 in the morning. Well…sometimes at six or seven.

“My eyes are awake through the night watches, That I may meditate on Your word.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:148‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

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Worry’s Kryptonite…

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; It empties today of its strength.                    Corrie ten Boom

The Bible tells us to “be anxious in nothing”. Wow! That’s a huge command. Might as well go on a 40 day fast…WITH NO COFFEE!!!  Close to impossible I say, because there is so much to be anxious about. Let’s see you have–my money–my waistline–and there’s my money–dinner–Trump’s next tweet–and oh, did I mention my money?

Of course there’s also health and relationships–and of course my money. Continue reading “Worry’s Kryptonite…”

The Best Place To Find God…


I must admit, there are times when I struggle to find God’s presence. It usually happens when life isn’t fair and I’m feeling sorry for myself. Ever been there?

I think all of us have. From the greatest evangelist to the new convert, all of us have struggled finding God at one time or another. Continue reading “The Best Place To Find God…”

Can Trump Weather The Storm?


No President since Abraham Lincoln has taken office in a more devisive climate. From day one Donald Trump and his administration have been vilified by a biased media, delayed by the minority’s party, and betrayed by an embedded bureaucracy.

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I Know Your Hurting…I’ve Been There


I know you’re hurting because I’ve been there. Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of your integrity. Loss is painful. I know the loneliness in it. We struggle to find our footing. We struggle to get up.

It’s hard to find comfort. I pray these words hit that mark.  Continue reading “I Know Your Hurting…I’ve Been There”