For Men Only

Dear Sir,

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is a blog for men. I know there are ladies reading, and that’s okay, my wife proof read the post. But fair warning ladies, these posts are meant for men.

My goal is to share with and hear from men. Share my thoughts about what it means to be a man…a “real man.”  And hear from you the same. In the end, I hope we may learn from one another.

Now I’m a tad old school, so for full transparency, I think real men should eat nails and spit them out like an M 16 (AR 15 if you want a permit).

But that’s me. I know there are many other views of what constitutes a real man. And all views are welcome.

I know we live in a diverse culture where things have changed since my formidable years. Sexual orientation and gender identification are common topics in the discussion. So is the role of men versus that of women.

We will not exclude these topics. In fact I would like to hear all opinions. I want this to be an open discussion on what it means to be a real man.

For further transparency, I am a Christian. Born again, spirit filled, the whole nine yards. But that does not mean I will not regard other views and share them in these posts. I will also include commentary.

The source of my belief is the Bible. I know that is not everyone’s, so I understand some to challenge that and I encourage you to do so.

Perhaps you are a Christian man also and disagree with my assumptions. I welcome your thoughts.

Perhaps you are of Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or another faith. Maybe Atheist, Agnostic or just don’t think about what you are. You are welcome here and you have a voice.

I want this to be an open, honest discussion. Respectful of all views. Not the argumentative format popular on Fox News or MSNBC.

I look forward to this journey with you and hopefully we will learn from one another.

So let me know how a “real man” looks to you. Ladies (I know your reading) you can chime in too. Keep it clean though, remember I’m a Christian.

You can respond below, or go to my website, and email me directly.

Best regards,


P.S. Please share on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or any  other social media to include more opinions in this conversation.


  1. Real men show their sons how to build things, punch them in the arm, dust them off when they get a cut and don’t promote their complaints. I also show him how to hold a door for women, love them, tell them buying flowers is ok and tell them that hanging out by a camp fire and eating food with a little dirt on it is ok ( and taking a pee on the fire is fun too). Most importantly that being a Christian and acting like a Christian are different and that being a Christian will ultimately instill these same values! It’s ok to cry, but get , up and try again, because our world is tuff and your family will need a leader someday that’s no soft spoken and knows how to be a leader……….. This is but the beginning of manhood, teach your son to be a man not a boy.


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