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Month: January 2016

Where The Ordinary Becomes The Extraordinary

In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will (Ephesians 1:11 NIV).  Dear Fellow Dreamer, When I was a young boy I dreamed of being a great athlete. A basketball player like Pete Maravich or John Havlicek. They set the benchmark of my childhood dreams. They were my heroes. We all had heroes in our childhood. A father or mother. An athlete, a teacher, an entertainer or a leader. People we admired… Read more Where The Ordinary Becomes The Extraordinary

The Lion, Witch, Wardrobe and John Wayne

  Dear Men,  Being a baby boomer, I’m a sucker for John Wayne movies. The other night I couldn’t sleep. So I watched TV hoping that would make me drowsy. While channel surfing I came across a classic Wayne flick, The Red River. I only caught the end. In my day, John Wayne was the standard “Man’s Man.” He usually played the good guy. Good but tough. Virtuous but violent. The scene was of Wayne hurrying toward a fight. It was classic. His gait was urgent and nothing was going… Read more The Lion, Witch, Wardrobe and John Wayne

For Men Only

Dear Sir, Hello and welcome to my blog. This is a blog for men. I know there are ladies reading, and that’s okay, my wife proof read the post. But fair warning ladies, these posts are meant for men. My goal is to share with and hear from men. Share my thoughts about what it means to be a man…a “real man.”  And hear from you the same. In the end, I hope we may learn from one another. Now I’m a tad old school, so for full transparency, I… Read more For Men Only